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Introductory Flight

The Northwest Soaring Club is pleased to offer introductory flights when volunteer pilots, ground crew, and a glider are available.  We enjoy sharing the beauty of gliding over Cadillac, but are a small, all-volunteer flying club, so thanks for your patience if it takes us a little while to schedule a time for you to fly with us. 

Please email or call to have your name added to the Introductory Flight list. 

eMail –

Call (231) 352-9160

Introductory Flight Details

What’s the Price, and How Long will My Flight Last? The price is $195, and the entire experience from entering to exiting the glider lasts about 45 minutes. The time from when the glider starts its takeoff roll until it stops after landing is about 25 minutes. However, every flight is dependent upon what’s going on in the air around the airport. A flight might be a little shorter, or if there are thermals (rising columns of warm air), a bit longer. 

What is Your Passenger Weight Limit? The upper limit is 220 lbs.

What’s the Schedule like when I Arrive? Although we do our best to stay on schedule, flying gliders is dependent upon many factors, especially in an all-volunteer club. Please understand that you may be visiting with us for awhile before you fly. 

What’s the Minimum Age Limit? We don’t have a minimum age limit. However, the passenger sits in the seat by themselves, so it’s critical that a child be able to understand and follow directions. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who can sign the permission form on their behalf. 

Do I Make a Deposit at the Time of Booking? No, you may pay by cash, check, or credit card after your flight. 

How Do I Find You at the Airport? The “Intro Flight” page on this website has detailed directions and a map. 

As you approach the airport, you will see the gliding operation on the south side of Boon road. Pull in to the small turnaround area shown in the image below. There is a pedestrian gate where we will meet you and escort you to the picnic table to sign in for your Introductory Flight.